Cost Benefit

Nordic Netcare delivers profitable health. We reduce the health expenses both for the private customers, businesses and insurance companies. By optimising the administrative process and digitalising relevant processes, the use of resources is optimised which is an advantage both to the user, customer and business. In each course of treatment, quality rather than quantity is prioritised so that both financial and personal costs are reduced for the individual.

Health costs are reduced by:

  • Prioritising quality rather than quantity in the courses of treatment
  • Optimisation of the administrative process
  • Digitalisation


Nordic Netcare strives to keep statistics of all measurable parameters. Data are collected on an ongoing basis at all levels and based on this plus selected KPI, (determined together with the individual customer), statistics are prepared as a standard for all customers. The information is used for optimizing the health efforts from individual level to business level.

Satisfaction Surveys

Nordic Netcare carries out customer satisfaction measurements on an ongoing basis. We use online questionnaires and also distribute questionnaires by mail. If a target group with a low response rate is identified, the questionnaire survey will be carried out by way of telephone calls. The results of the satisfaction measurements are collected and used in the procedure relating to optimisation of quality and customer experience.